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All the Tools You Need to Make Festive Holiday Cookies


Making and decorating cookies with the kids is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season. With these cookie decorating supplies and tools, you and the kids can have great fun making Christmas cookies all season long.

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Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Scoop
This cookie scoop is, hands down, my number one favorite cookie making tool. Why? Because it lets me make evenly-shaped drop cookies quickly and easily without getting my hands messy. With this tool, you just scoop up the dough and drop it onto your cookie sheets. No fuss, no muss.
There are cheaper cookie scoops available, but I think this one is worth the money because the springing action is so good. It doesn't get all gummed up when the cookie dough gets sticky.
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Silpat Baking Mat

Silpat Mat
Silicone baking mats are a cookie baker's best friend. These re-usable mats fit on top of your cookie sheets and keep your cookies from sticking. You don't have to grease your cookie sheets or line them with disposable parchment paper (my second choice for cookie-baking, but it can be expensive if you bake a lot). And you can just wipe them with warm water and maybe a little dishwashing liquid to clean.
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USA Pans Large Cookie Sheet

USA Pans Large Cookie Sheet
Stephanie Gallagher
You wouldn't think the type of cookie sheet you use would be such a big deal. I mean, you can buy cookie sheets for $5 or $20. What's the difference?
This one stands out because it is a heavy, commercial-grade cookie sheet that won't bend or warp after several uses. The thickness allows for even heat distribution, and the corrugated design helps the cookies bake evenly and release easily. This cookie sheet is also coated with a very thin silicone coating, which is non-toxic.
Of course, you can use this cookie sheet for more than cookie-baking. It works great for everything from heating frozen French fries to baking chicken strips.
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Wilton Snowflake Icing Decorations

Snowflake Icing Decorations
You can use these adorable icing snowflakes to decorate cookies or cupcakes for the holidays. I just spread a little sugar cookie icing on the cookies, wait a few minutes for it to dry (my recipe is for a quick-drying icing) then top with one of these cute snowflakes. See? Easy!
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Wilton Jumbo Sprinkles Gingerbread Boys

Wilton Gingerbread Boy Sprinkles
These adorable gingerbread boy sprinkles add an instant festive touch to Christmas cookies and cupcakes. You can paint the cookies with an easy homemade glaze and then top with the sprinkles or just spread a little icing on the cookies before decorating with the sprinkles.
Check out the Wilton snowman sprinkles (compare prices), too.
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Fox Run Large Cookie Spatula

Fox Run Cookie Spatula
Fox Run
This spatula is fantastic for scooping lots of cookies off a cookie sheet at once. It really comes in handy if you're doing a lot of baking, say for a cookie exchange. But I also use this spatula for everything from flipping burgers and pancakes to gently scooping fried eggs out of the pan. It's a real multi-tasker.
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