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Christmas Cookie Decorating Step 7 - Add More Icing to Flood the Cookies
flood the cookies with icing

Flood the Cookies with Icing

Stephanie Gallagher
Now pipe more sugar cookie icing onto the center of the cookies, and use a toothpick, clean (NEVER USED) paint brush, or chopstick to spread the icing all over the cookie.

Professional bakers call this technique "flooding the cookies." Actually, they use an icing with a slightly thicker consistency for the border, then a thinner icing for the middle of the cookie, and they use professional pastry bags with different tips for the border and center of the cookie.

I find that if you use my sugar cookie icing recipe, you don't need to mess with different icings or special equipment. This sugar cookie icing recipe has a touch of corn syrup in it, which keeps it from spreading too much, yet allows it to retain a nice, smooth consistency that dries easily. And as you can see from the photos, we're not going for cooking school perfection here. This is a fun method for decorating Christmas cookies with kids.

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