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Holiday Cookies 101

Recipes, Freezing, Decorating and Sharing Cookies for the Holidays


Everything you need to make, decorate, freeze and share your holiday cookies is right here. You'll even find tips for mailing Christmas cookies and hosting cookie exchange parties.

Holiday Cookie Ideas and Recipes

holiday cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
Before you start baking, you'll want to get some ideas for the best cookies to make. Consider how much time you have, how many cookies you need to make, whether you want to bake with the kids or not, etc.

Freezing Cookies

thumbprint holiday cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
Most of the cookies included here can be prepared in advance and frozen. Here's everything you need to know about freezing cookies.

And here are some of my favorite recipes that freeze well:

Decorating Holiday Cookies

ingredients for decorating holiday cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
There are lots of ways to decorate Christmas cookies, from a simple sprinkle of sugar to fancy flooding techniques. Here are some of my simple ones to try with the kids:

Mailing Holiday Cookies

mailing holiday cookies
Annabelle Breakey/Getty Images
Want to send your cookies across the country to friends and family? Here's everything you need know:
  • Mailing Cookies - From choosing the right types of cookies to packing tips and making sure your cookies are mailed on time.
  • 5 Best Cookies for Mailing - Your mouth will water just looking at these pictures.
  • Tips for Mailing Cookies - Easy, quick suggestions for making sure your cookies get there in perfect shape every time.

Last Minute Holiday Cookies

Pretzel Kiss cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
Waited til the last minute, and now you need Christmas cookies fast? No problem. These recipes are festive, tasty, and you can make every one of these cookies in less than half an hour:

Share Your Holiday Cookies!

Peanut Butter holiday cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
A fun way to share your favorite seasonal cookies and recipes is with a cookie exchange party. Everybody bakes a large quantity of one type of cookie, then brings the cookies and recipe to share with everyone else at the cookie swap.

Want to host a holiday cookie exchange? Check out this invitation. And here are some of the best cookies to make for a cookie exchange party.

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