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Gingerbread House with Gingerbread Men Roof
Fantasy Gingerbread House

Fantasy Gingerbread House

Barbara Rolek
This gingerbread house was created by Barbara Rolek, our Guide to Eastern European Food, as her fantasy gingerbread house for 2008. Barbara is a chef, and her training really shows in this cleverly-designed house. But you don't have to be a pro to borrow many of her fun ideas. Take the roof. It's made of gingerbread men cookies. And the fence around the house is just pretzels dipped in white and dark chocolate. You don't even have to do the dipping yourself. You can buy yogurt-dipped pretzels and chocolate dipped pretzels right in your supermarket. The house is framed with simple mints and spearmint trees, and the walkway is lined with starlight candies. You can easily make this gingerbread house from a gingerbread house kit if you don't want to bake and cut the gingerbread yourself.
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