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Gingerbread Houses - Pictures and Ideas


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Gingerbread House Picture with Marshmallow Snowman
Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

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This gingerbread house picture offers lots of decorating ideas that are easy enough for kids to incorporate into their own holiday creations. You can start this house with one of my recommended gingerbread house kits. But even though all of those kits come with candy, I'm a big fan of adding your own candy and decorations to personalize your house. This one uses marshmallows, for example, both for the snowman and to make shingles for the roof. The marshmallows are combined with red licorice to make a sleigh for Santa, too. Gumdrops make a colorful chimney decoration and border for the house display. In some ways, I have more fun decorating the base and around the gingerbread house than the house itself. I imagine the artist here thought so, too!
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