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Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas

Homemade Christmas Food Gifts for Teachers, Family and Friends


These homemade food gifts make the perfect Christmas gift for teachers, neighbors or friends. I like to make these recipes with the kids, and many are even easy enough for the kids to make all by themselves. To dress up these food gifts, tie a ribbon around a mason jar for gifts in a jar, or use a decorative cookie box, such as one of Martha Stewart's decorative cookie boxes (compare prices) for packaging Christmas cookies easily. If you want to give homemade bread, use a plastic bread bag (compare prices) with a decorative Christmas-themed ribbon or twist tie.

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

Homemade Food Gifts - Hot Chocolate Mix
Stephanie Gallagher

This homemade food gift couldn't be easier to make, and everyone loves it. Use a mason jar (compare prices) package this hot chocolate mix, and to make it even more special, tie a candy cane or chocolate spoon onto the jar. This is one of those homemade Christmas food gifts that's just perfect for teachers.

Spiced Pecans

Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas - Spiced Pecans
Stephanie Gallagher

These spiced pecans are one of my favorite food gifts for Christmas because everyone loves munching on them, and they're so easy to make. I like to give these spiced nuts as a hostess food gift, wrapped in a decorative glass jar (compare prices).

Banana Bread Recipe

Homemade Food Gifts - Banana Bread
Stephanie Gallagher

This banana bread recipe makes a wonderful homemade food gift for Christmas or anytime. Moist and sweet, this banana bread is almost like a cake. Use a decorative bread bag or plastic food bag to package this banana bread as a food gift.

Soft Sugar Cookies

Homemade Food Gifts - Soft Sugar Cookies
Liza McCorkle/Getty Images

Cookies are the quintessential homemade food gift for Christmas, because everyone likes them. These soft sugar cookies look festive, yet they're easier to make than most sugar cookies, because you don't have to roll them.

I like to put these cookies in a cookie box - Martha Stewart makes a Christmas-themed cookie box (compare prices) that's perfect for homemade food gifts. Then I attach the recipe on a pretty card.

Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

Homemade Food Gifts - Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Stephanie Gallagher

Chocolate and peppermint just taste like Christmas, don't they? This homemade food gift is not only easy to make, it's always well-received. Break up the bark into uneven pieces and put in a tissue-lined box. Then tie with a festive bow.

Homemade Marshmallows Recipe

Homemade Food Gifts - Marshmallows
Jennifer Boggs/Getty Images

Making your own marshmallows is not only easier than you might think, they taste so much better. And they make a wonderful homemade food gift, because few people bother to make their own. Package in a wide latte mug (compare prices) with some hot chocolate mix.

Party Mix Recipe

Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas - Party Mix Recipe
Steve Cohen/Getty Images

Christmas is all about familiar foods, and this party mix will be familiar to everyone on your gift list. It makes a great homemade food gift to make with the kids or to give to the bus driver, teacher, your hairdresser, whomever!

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Susie Cushner/Getty Images

Chocolate chip cookies make an excellent homemade food gift for Christmas, because everybody loves them! And this recipe yields a nice, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. For something different, try packaging this homemade food gift in paper Chinese takeout containers (compare prices) with a decorative red or green ribbon.

Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl

Homemade Food Gifts - Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread
Stephanie Gallagher

The pumpkin-lovers on your Christmas list will be thrilled to receive this pumpkin bread as a homemade food gift. The cream cheese swirl is the perfect accent that makes this pumpkin bread special.

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