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Fun Christmas Recipes for Santa, Rudolph and Friends

Easy Christmas Recipes to Make with the Kids and Give to Santa and His Clan


These fun Christmas recipes aren't for the kids or the adults or the special relatives visiting. These Christmas recipes are just for Santa and his friends. From magic reindeer food for Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer and the gang, to Christmas cookies that will keep Santa going all night long, these fun Christmas recipes are a terrific way to get into the holiday spirit with the kids.

Reindeer Food

Fun Christmas Recipes - Magic Reindeer Food
Stephanie Gallagher

Gotta give Rudolph and his friends something to sustain them during that long Christmas Eve trip, right? Magic reindeer food (also sometimes called magic reindeer dust) is the treat of choice. Kids love making this simple recipe and sprinkling the reindeer food all over the lawn to guide Santa's sleigh to their homes.


Christmas Sugar Cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
Santa loves cookies, especially sugar cookies that are decorated to look like him! Check out this recipe and these easy step-by-step instructions for decorating these Christmas cookies.

Peppermint Kiss Cookies

Fun Christmas Recipes - Peppermint Kiss Cookies
Stephanie Gallagher

Think Santa is a chocolate-lover? Leave him these peppermint kiss cookies. These cookies are very easy to make, and even the littlest kids can help by putting the Hershey kiss in the middle.

Soft Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Gingerbread Cookies
Stephanie Gallagher
It's a well-known fact that Mrs. Claus prefers gingerbread cookies over sugar cookies. You didn't know that? Well, she does. Set these out with the sugar cookies for Santa to bring home to the Mrs., and she will make sure Santa fills your stocking with good things for years to come.

Christmas Rice Crispy Treats

Christmas Recipes - Holiday Rice Crispy Treats
Stephanie Gallagher

Although I've never asked him myself, Santa seems like the kind of guy who'd appreciate a snack of rice crispy treats just as much as cookies, don't you think? And these Christmas tree rice crispy treats are a great recipe to make with the kids.

Gingerbread Steamers

Fun Christmas Recipes - Gingerbread Milk Steamers
Barry Wong/Getty Images

Santa needs something to wash down all those cookies with, right? You could leave him some cold milk, but these gingerbread milk steamers are warm, soothing, and they smell like Christmas. In fact, they're a great drink to serve the kids before bed on Christmas Eve!


Easy Hot Chocolate

Fun Christmas Recipes - Hot Chocolate Recipe
Stephanie Gallagher

Milk is, of course, the classic beverage for Santa. It goes so well with cookies, after all. But this rich hot chocolate tastes pretty darned good with cookies, too.

And this Christmas recipe is so simple, the kids can make it all by themselves (you can even make this hot chocolate in the Crockpot). Add a homemade marshmallow, and he'll be smiling all evening long.


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