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Kids Kitchen Utensils: Chef'n Palm Peeler Review

Way Beyond an Ordinary Vegetable Peeler

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Chef N Palm Peeler

Chef N Palm Peeler

Stephanie Gallagher
If you do any kind of cooking on a regular basis, this innovative kitchen utensil is likely to become your new best friend.

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You wouldn't think a little vegetable peeler could make big a difference in your life, but the Chef'n Palm Peeler (compare prices) is one of the most innovative kitchen utensils to hit the market lately. Indeed, it is an ideal kitchen utensil for kids.

The secret is the clever design. You just slip it on your forefinger and it sits in the palm of your hand. So you actually use your palm to do the peeling, rather than your fist.

The design allows you to peel in a back-and-forth scrubbing motion, making the whole peeling process smoother, easier and faster than the typical shucking motion of most vegetable peelers. Apples, in particular, are easier to peel with the Chef'n palm peeler. But the tool works well with everything from carrots to potatoes.

Although the Chef'N peeler isn't designed exclusively for kids, it seems to give them much more control than a typical vegetable peeler. The size is just right for their smaller hands. Plus, it comes with a guard for the blade, which is a nice reminder to kids that even though the blade never comes near their fingers, it's still sharp.

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