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Fun Gift Ideas for Kids Who Like to Cook

Kids Cooking Gifts They'll Adore


Whether you're looking for preschoolers or pre-teens, there are great cooking gift ideas here for kids of all ages on your gift list.

1. Paula Deen Kids Baking Set

Paula Deen Kids Baking Set

This 19-piece set includes a measuring cup set, measuring spoons, a rolling pin, turner, two spatulas, a large spoon, a whisk and a covered storage container, all in child sizes. What's nice about this set is that it's the same quality kitchen tools an adult would use, just made for a child, so it really does facilitate cooking with kids.

Package it with Paula Deen's My First Cookbook (compare prices) for easy recipes the kids can get started on right away!

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2. Curious Chef 27-Piece Foundation Set

Curious Chef Cooking Set

For the kid who's really serious about cooking, this set makes a great gift. It not only includes a fun apron, chef's hat and oven mitts, but it also includes real kitchen utensils and bakeware -- not toys. A few things this kit has that others don't: a mixing bowl, silicone spatula and cookie cutters.

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3. Kids Pizza Making Kit

Kids Pizza Making Kit
Sassafras Enterprises

This kit has everything kids need to make homemade pizza, including an apron, rolling pin, non-stick pizza pan, pizza sauce, crust mix, wooden spoon, measuring cup and a fun recipe.

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4. Kids Chef's Jacket

kids chef jacket
Sassafras Enterprises

Your budding Iron Chef will really look the part in this fun chef's jacket. Made just like the real thing, this chef's jacket has "The Little Cook" embroidered on the sleeve. Fits sizes 6-8.

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5. Playful Chef Cooking Kit

Playful Chef Cooking Kit

Your budding chef has everything he needs to become the next Tyler Florence with this cool cooking kit. It includes a tool belt apron, kid-sized real cooking tools, color-coded measuring spoons and cups, plus illustrated recipes.

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6. Zebra Baking Kits

Zebra Mix Baking Kit
Zebra Mix

Baking cookies, cupcakes or brownies can be the fun and educational activity you always wanted it to be with these kits. Each kit comes with a colorful 18 x 24" instructional treasure map to guide kids from step to step. Using pictures, puzzles, math and science games, the maps show kids how to bake. One side is for kids ages 4 to 9; the other is for kids ages 9 and up. Plus, the mixes are all made of natural, organic ingredients, so you can feel good about your kids eating these sweets.

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