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Flower Cupcakes


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Flower Cupcakes Step 2 - Put the Petals on the Flowers
put the petals on the flower cupcakes

Put the Petals on Your Flower Cupcakes

Stephanie Gallagher
Now comes the really fun part in decorating these flower cupcakes. It's time to the put the petals on. Start by putting a chocolate candy in the center of the cupcakes. Next, place the gumdrops around the chocolate candy in a circle. You can choose gumdrops that are all the same color for a more uniform look, or you can choose different colored gumdrops for a more colorful look. Be creative; have fun with it.

Kids, by the way, really enjoy this part, so by all means, decorate these flower cupcakes with them. If you are making these flower cupcakes for a child's birthday party, why not do the decorating as an activity during the party? Just prepare and frost (or not) the cupcakes in advance. Give the kids the candy, and let them go at it!

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