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King Ranch Chicken

King Ranch Chicken Casserole

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Tortillas can be a wonderful shortcut for busy parents or for kids who want to cook for themselves. Of course, tortillas are the basis for burritos, wraps and enchiladas. But they can also make a great crust for pizzas, a topping for salads and much more.

Here are four ways to use tortillas in your cooking.

Tortillas Can Turn Dinner into Something Special

From enchiladas to tortilla pies to Mexican casseroles, tortillas can turn ordinary dinner ingredients - ground beef, chicken, cheese - into something wonderful. Check out these favorite recipes:
  • King Ranch Chicken Recipe - This popular Texas dinner is made easy with the use of rotisserie chicken, prepared salsa and pre-shredded cheese. But the flavor is incredible. The secret? Use good-quality tortillas, salsa and cheese.

  • Tortilla Pie - Two kinds of beans, salsa and cheese and layered into this free-form pie. The look is impressive, and so is the taste. This is a vegetarian dish, but meat-eaters won't even miss the meat.

  • Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas - Corn tortillas are layered with cooked chicken, sour cream, green salsa and cheese in this Mexican casserole the whole family will enjoy.

  • Beef Enchiladas - Ground beef, vegetables and cheese are rolled up, then topped with enchilada sauce and cheese in this easy dinner casserole that is sure to become a family favorite.

Tortillas Are the Basis for Many Great Wraps

Call them burritos, call them sandwich wraps, call them whatever you like. Tortillas are the basis for many hot and cold sandwiches. And you can make your tortilla wraps as plain or as fancy as you like. Here are a few of my favorite tortilla wrap sandwich recipes:
  • Turkey Wraps - Turkey breast, cheddar cheese and pre-cooked bacon are the filling for these savory wraps. What makes them special is that they grilled. I use a George Foreman contact grill, but you can also just heat a little butter in a skillet and press down on the sandwiches with a spatula, much the way you'd make grilled cheese.

  • Pizza Wraps - These simple pizza wraps have just three ingredients, but they are so tasty, you will want to make them a regular part of your weekly repertoire. Add any toppings you'd normally put on pizza - black olives, chopped green peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, even bacon.

  • Roast Beef Wrap Sandwiches - Roast beef and cheddar cheese are a classic combination. Add a smear of Dijon mustard, and grill the wraps, and you take these sandwiches over the top.

  • Turkey Wraps with Apricot Jam and Bacon - The sweet apricot jam gives the turkey a punch of flavor and goes beautifully with the salty bacon in these wrap sandwiches. Serve these wraps hot or cold.

Tortillas Make a Great Pizza Crust

Consider this - the flour tortilla is already perfectly flat; it's sturdy enough to hold the average amount of pizza toppings, and it's pre-formed into single-serving sizes. Can you think of a single reason not to use tortillas as pizza crust? Exactly. Check out these recipes:
  • Tortilla Pizzas with Spinach - Think you can't get the kids to eat spinach? Think again. These tortilla pizzas are topped with fresh baby spinach, ricotta cheese and mozzarella cheese. The kids won't even notice they're eating spinach, and you will enjoy the grown-up flavor these pizzas have.

  • Pepperoni Tortilla Pizza - This simple recipe has just three ingredients, but you can switch it up lots of different ways. I like to use smoked mozzarella cheese, because it adds a subtle dimension of extra flavor that makes these tortilla pizzas taste incredible. For variety, try using different flavored tortillas, such as spinach, whole wheat or red pepper.

  • Turkey Club Pizza - This tortilla pizza is topped with all the flavors you'd find in a turkey club sandwich (minus the lettuce).

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe - If you're a fan of buffalo wings, you will adore this pizza. It is made with wing sauce, shredded cooked chicken, crumbled blue cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Tortillas Are the Bread of Quesadillas

Quesadillas are basically just sandwiches that are made with tortillas instead of bread. And as with sandwiches, you can be as simple or creative as you want with quesadilla fillings. Here are some of my family's favorite quesadilla recipes:
  • Quesadillas with Vegetables and Cheese - Finely-chopped red bell peppers, zucchini and onions are layered with cheese in these easy-to-make quesadillas. This recipe is a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables - just be sure to finely-chop them.

  • Chicken Quesadillas - This is a terrific go-to dinner for busy weeknights. Use whatever leftover cooked chicken you have on hand, or use rotisserie chicken. Serve with salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

  • Beef Quesadillas - Deli roast beef makes this recipe a snap to prepare. For variety, try using a pepper Jack cheese in these quesadillas.

  • Mexican Quesadillas - This simple recipe is made with two kinds of cheese and canned green chiles. Serve with chili con queso, salsa and/or sour cream.

  • Chocolate Banana Quesadilla Recipe - Think tortillas are only for savory recipes? This chocolate banana quesadilla recipe will show you otherwise. Flour tortillas are topped with chocolate hazelnut spread and bananas, then grilled in this sweet treat the kids will adore.

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