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10 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Busy Families

Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipes to Suit Every Palate


These quick and healthy recipes will satisfy your taste buds and your time constraints. Even better: They are designed to please both kids and adults, so every member of the family will be satisfied. Enjoy!

1. Baked Ziti with Spinach Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Baked Ziti with Spinach
Sam Stowell/Getty Images

Whole grain pasta, spinach and low-fat ricotta cheese make this hearty family-pleasing dinner uber-healthy. Though this dinner does take time to bake, it doesn't require a lot of active prep time, and you can make this quick and healthy recipe in advance.

2. Grilled Chicken Breasts with Soy Honey Sauce

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Grilled Chicken Breasts Recipe
Stephanie Gallagher

This quick and healthy grilled chicken recipe is tender and juicy, thanks to a quick soak in a marinade. And by using thin chicken breasts, the chicken cooks quickly. Serve with rice.


3. Steak Fajitas

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Steak Fajitas
Stephanie Gallagher

Flank steak is one of the leanest cuts of beef around. And fajitas are one of the healthiest Mexican dishes you can make. Serve with tomato salsa, guacamole (remember, avocados are full of heart-healthy fats), and nonfat sour cream.


4. Salmon Patties Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Salmon Cakes Recipe
Stephanie Gallagher

Crushed potato chips and Old Bay seasoning add crunch and pizzazz to this quick and healthy recipe. Kids will enjoy the texture and flavor of these salmon patties, and you will enjoy the fact that this salmon recipe is full of omega-3 fatty acids, great for brain, heart and eye health.


5. Spiced Peach Pork Chops Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Pork Chops
The National Pork Board

Canned peaches make this quick and healthy recipe super easy to prepare. Serve this quick and healthy recipe with a green salad.


6. Oven Baked BBQ Chicken Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Oven Baked BBQ Chicken
Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

Chicken is slow-baked in a flavorful barbecue sauce and spice mixture that makes this quick and healthy recipe melt in your mouth. Serve with apple pecan coleslaw and red potato salad.


7. Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
Stephanie Gallagher

This simple pasta recipe is loaded with healthy vegetables. The secret to getting kids to like this dish is chopping up the veggies finely and topping the dish with a generous amount of freshly-grated Parmesan cheese.


8. Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Chicken Stir Fry Recipe
Stephanie Gallagher

This chicken stir fry has a pleasant, orange flavor. Super quick to prepare, this chicken stir fry can be made even healthier by adding snow peas, red peppers, mushrooms and spring onions. Serve with rice.


9. Grilled Salmon Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Grilled Salmon
Stephanie Gallagher

This grilled salmon recipe could not be easier to make. Salmon fillets are quickly marinated in herbs and lemon juice, then grilled on the George Foreman grill. Fast, fresh and flavorful, this is one of those quick and healthy recipes you'll find yourself making again and again.

10. Vegetarian Fish Sticks Recipe

Quick and Healthy Recipes - Vegetarian Fish Sticks
Jolinda Hackett

This inventive vegetarian recipe from our Vegetarian Guide, Jolinda Hackett, is not only quick and healthy, it actually tastes like fish sticks, too.


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