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Fruit Snacks

These fruit snacks include a variety of recipes made with fresh fruit, from apple slices topped with peanut butter and granola to fruit smoothies and more. These fruit snacks can be ready in minutes and offer a healthy pick-me-up to keep the kids going until dinner.

Apple Slices Recipe - Peanut Butter Apple Slices
Apple slices are topped with regular or chocolate peanut butter and granola in this easy apple slices recipe.

Blueberry Bread Pudding
Slightly sweet and bursting with blueberries, this bread pudding makes a delicious and filling snack.

Chocolate Bananas
These chocolate bananas are a perfect snack to make with the kids. Though not exactly healthy, these frozen chocolate bananas are a good way to get kids to eat more fruit!

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies
If you like chocolate-covered strawberries, you'll love the taste of these chocolate strawberry smoothies.

Frozen Grapes
Frozen grapes make a tasty, healthy and refreshing snack for kids. For a special touch, roll the grapes in sugar before freezing. Everyone loves this frozen grapes recipe.

Fruit and Cheese Plate
This fruit and cheese plate is the perfect appetizer or side dish for any meal.

Fruit Kabobs
Fruit kabobs are a fun and healthy snack kids can enjoy any time. Serve them with vanilla yogurt or your favorite fruit dip.

Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits
This quick and healthy snack is easy enough for kids to make by themselves. Use parfait glasses to make this snack a treat for the eyes as well as the stomachs!

Yogurt Dipped Strawberries
Yogurt dipped strawberries are one of my favorite healthy snacks for kids. Serve these yogurt dipped strawberries for dessert or after school, and watch them disappear! Granola adds crunch to these scrumptious yogurt dipped strawberries.

Yogurt Fruit Parfait
This yogurt parfait is like a yogurt fruit sundae. This yogurt fruit parfait is made with fresh strawberries, almonds, chocolate chips, coconut and vanilla yogurt. This yogurt parfait recipe is a quick and easy dessert or snack the whole family will love.

Yogurt Sundae Recipe
This yogurt sundae recipe is made with a waffle cone bowl, low-fat vanilla yogurt, fresh raspberries, chocolate chips and walnuts. A healthy kids snack, this yogurt sundae is a favorite

Fruit Snacks for Kids
These fruit snacks will give you great ideas for giving the kids sweet treats that are healthy, too. These recipes are all easy to make, too, and they make great cooking activities to enjoy with the kids.

10 Banana Recipes the Whole Family Will Love
From banana muffins to chocolate banana smoothies to peanut butter and banana frozen yogurt, these banana recipes are a great way to enjoy everyone's favorite fruit.

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