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Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Fun, Scary and Cute Ways to Decorate Halloween Cupcakes


These Halloween cupcake ideas give you pictures and step-by-step directions for decorating all sorts of Halloween cupcakes, from spooky spider cupcakes to fun scarecrow cupcakes and more. Of course, cupcakes make great Halloween party food, but you can also use these ideas for a Halloween-themed cooking activity in school.

These cupcakes are designed with kids in mind, so none of these recipes requires fancy fondants or professional decorating techniques. And you can bake your own cupcakes or use store-bought cupcakes as the base for these Halloween cupcakes. If you're going for an orange-and-black theme, try my carrot cake cupcakes or my chocolate cupcakes -- or both!

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halloween cupcakesHalloween Cupcake IdeasWitch Hat CupcakesWitch Hat CupcakesSpider CupcakesSpider CupcakesTombstone CupcakesTombstone Cupcakes
Eyeball Halloween CupcakesEyeball Halloween CupcakesScarecrow CupcakesScarecrow CupcakesBoo Halloween CupcakesBoo Halloween CupcakesCat CupcakesCat Cupcakes
Ghost CupcakesGhost CupcakesWorm Halloween CupcakesWorm Halloween CupcakesMummy CupcakesMummy CupcakesCandy Corn CupcakesCandy Corn Cupcakes
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