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Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Halloween Cupcakes with Pictures


These Halloween cupcake ideas and pictures will inspire you to decorate your own ghoulish, scary and fun Halloween cupcakes.
halloween cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake Pictures

Stephanie Gallagher
Whether you just want to make simple Halloween cupcakes or something a little fancier, these Halloween cupcake ideas and pictures will inspire you.

If you're planning to make your Halloween cupcakes for a school Halloween party or a large crowd, you should know that some of these cupcakes are more suited to duplicating in large quantities than others. For example, the witch hat cupcakes, boo cupcakes and worm cupcakes are relatively simple to decorate, making them perfect for a Halloween party where you're feeding a large crowd.

If, on the other hand, you want to decorate Halloween cupcakes just for an afternoon of fun with the kids, try the tombstone cupcakes, the mummy cupcakes, the scarecrow cupcakes or the ghost cupcakes.

You can use just about any cupcake base you like for these Halloween cupcakes - vanilla, chocolate, even red velvet cupcakes work well.

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