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Halloween Food

Halloween Recipes with Pictures


Halloween food can be gross, fun, scary or cute, but the best Halloween recipes are all those things -- AND they taste delicious, too. In this collection, you'll find Halloween recipes (with pictures) for everything from sweet Halloween rice crispy treats to gross kitty litter cake. Even better: Many of these recipes are easy enough for the kids to make all by themselves. But regardless of who does the cooking, everyone will enjoy tasting these ghoulish Halloween delights.
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Halloween Food - Chocolate Dipped Pretzel RodsHalloween Chocolate Dipped Pretzel RodsHalloween Food - Worms Dirt DessertWorms Dirt DessertHalloween Food - Halloween Rice Crispy TreatsHalloween Rice Crispy TreatsHalloween Food - Spider CupcakesSpider Cupcakes
Halloween Food - Kitty Litter CakeKitty Litter CakeHalloween Food - Scarecrow CupcakesScarecrow CupcakesHalloween Food - Pumpkin Cream Cheese BrowniesPumpkin Cream Cheese Brownieshalloween food - mummy cupcakesMummy Halloween Cupcakes
Halloween Food - Witch Hat CookiesWitch Hat Cookieshalloween food - halloween snack mixGhostly Halloween Snack MixHalloween PizzasHalloween PizzasHalloween Food - Halloween CookiesHalloween Cookies
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