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Gross Recipes for Halloween

Gross Halloween Food for Parties and Family Fun


Gross Halloween Recipes

These gross Halloween recipes are deliciously disgusting. From kitty litter cake to spider cookies to bloody eyeballs (cocktail meatballs), these gross recipes for Halloween are so much fun to make with the kids.

But don't worry - these recipes only look gross. They're actually quite tasty (and no, I don't mean that in a spooky, I'm-about-to-eat-you vampire way). But should you find yourself in a position of having actually been harmed on Halloween, say bitten by a zombie, check out our First Aid Guide's remedy for zombie bites!

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Eyeball Cupcakes Recipe

Gross Halloween Recipes - Eyeball Cupcakes
Stephanie Gallagher

These eyeball cupcakes look fancy and complicated to make, but actually, they're quite simple. Just follow the step-by-step directions for this gross Halloween recipe.


Kitty Litter Cake Recipe

Gross Recipes for Halloween - Kitty Litter Cake
Stephanie Gallagher

This kitty litter cake is the mother of all gross recipes for Halloween, because it looks remarkably like the real thing. But don't let the grossly realistic appearance of this Halloween party food fool you. This kitty litter cake is actually quite tasty.


Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe

Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti
Stephanie Gallagher
It won't be such a struggle getting the kids to eat dinner on Halloween night when you make these fun monster face meatballs and spaghetti. The whole thing cooks in the slow cooker - you don't even have to boil water!

Brain Jello Mold Recipe

Gross Recipes for Halloween - Jello Brain Mold
Stephanie Gallagher

This brain Jello mold is a deliciously gross Halloween recipe that especially appeals to tweens and teens (not to mention, adults). The mold is a tasty concoction, featuring strawberry Jello and Cool Whip. But feel free to vary it with peach Jello for a more "natural"-looking brain.

Halloween Monster Face Pizzas

gross recipes for halloween - halloween pizzas recipe
Stephanie Gallagher

Pesto serves as the background for the face of these Halloween monster face pizzas. Black olives are the eyes and a red pepper makes the nose. These pizzas aren't too gross, but they do make a fun Halloween recipe for the little ones.

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Spider Cookies

Gross Halloween Recipes - Spider Cookies
California Raisins

These delightfully gross Halloween cookies are really just chocolate and peanut butter rice crispy treats mixed with raisins. The spider legs are licorice, and the eyes are mini M&Ms.


Halloween Punch with a Floating Brain

Gross Recipes for Halloween - Brain Punch
Stephanie Gallagher

Only on Halloween can you say, "Wow, there's a brain floating in my punch." Don't worry - like all of these gross Halloween recipes, this one only looks disgusting.


Spider Cupcakes

Gross Halloween Recipes - Spider Cupcakes
Stephanie Gallagher

There's nothing like eating spiders on Halloween to make a party special, and these spider cupcakes are one of the classic gross recipes for Halloween.

Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

Gross Halloween Recipes - Graveyard Cake
Stephanie Gallagher

This spooky and gross Halloween recipe is a blast to make with the kids. Let them decorate the tombstones with funny epitaphs. 

Halloween Vampire Blood Punch

gross recipes for halloween - halloween punch
Stephanie Gallagher

The blood red color of this punch makes it ideal for Halloween. Kids love it when you serve this punch in sugar-crusted glasses, too!


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