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Healthy Dessert Recipes

These healthy dessert recipes include healthy cookies, healthy cakes, healthy fruit desserts and other types of healthy desserts.

Carrot Bars
Carrot bars are an easy, portable alternative to carrot cake. Indeed, these carrot cake bars make great picnic, bake sale or potluck treats. Serve these carrot pumpkin bars with orange icing at your next party or potluck, and watch them disappear!

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies
If you like chocolate-covered strawberries, you'll love the taste of these chocolate strawberry smoothies.

Granola Bugs - Granola Recipes - Granola Cookies
These granola cookies are a fun and healthy snack for kids. To make this recipe for granola cookies even healthier, use crispy brown rice cereal.

Grilled Peaches
Grilled peaches are a delightful dessert in the summer. Peaches are topped with Parmesan cheese slices, toasted walnuts, and honey in this sweet recipe for grilled peaches.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies - Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Healthy chocolate chip cookies are often loaded with sugar to compensate for less fat. Not these. These cookies are full of healthy oats, bran flakes and nuts for a uniquely healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Recipe
This healthy cake recipe is a chocolate peanut butter cake recipe made with yogurt and ground flaxseed meal in place of some of the butter. This low fat cake recipe also has less sugar than most chocolate peanut butter cake recipes.

Healthy Desserts
These healthy desserts include all sorts of healthy dessert recipes, from cakes to cookies to bars to frozen desserts. All of these healthy dessert recipes were created with kids' palates in mind.

Low Fat Brownies
These low fat brownies are moist and tender. You would never know this is a recipe for healthy brownies if you didn't make it yourself. The secret to these healthy low fat brownies is pureed blueberries in the mix. Dark chocolate chips and walnuts are added to these chocolate and walnut brownies to make them even healthier.

Moist Banana Cake Recipe
This moist banana cake recipe has yogurt for tenderness and a streusel filling for sweetness. But this cake actually has less sugar than most banana cakes.

Orange Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Recipe
This frozen yogurt recipe is made with Greek yogurt, sugar and vanilla extract. Chocolate bits and orange marmalade add incredible flavor to this frozen yogurt.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Recipe
This frozen yogurt recipe is made with fresh strawberries, Greek yogurt and sugar. Chocolate chunks add a punch of pizzazz to this recipe.

Yogurt Parfait
This yogurt parfait is made with Greek yogurt, frozen fruit and granola. A touch of honey adds extra sweetness to this yogurt fruit parfait.

Yogurt Sundae Recipe
This yogurt sundae recipe is made with a waffle cone bowl, low-fat vanilla yogurt, fresh raspberries, chocolate chips and walnuts. A healthy kids snack, this yogurt sundae is a favorite

Zucchini Brownies Recipe
These zucchini brownies are rich and full of chunks of chocolate. This zucchini brownie recipe doesn't really taste like zucchini. The zucchini just adds moisture to the brownies.

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