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Healthy Recipes for Kids

Healthy recipes for kids are featured here, including healthy kid-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus healthy recipes for snack time and more.
  1. Healthy Breakfast Recipes (37)
  2. Healthy Dessert Recipes (14)
  3. Healthy Dinner Recpes (70)
  4. Healthy Lunches (46)
  5. Healthy Snacks (50)
  6. Healthy Soup Recipes (12)
  7. Healthy Vegetables (64)

10 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Busy Families
These quick and healthy recipes will satisfy your taste buds and your time constraints. Even better: They are designed to please both kids and adults, so every member of the family will be satisfied. Enjoy!

Applesauce Recipe
This applesauce recipe is unique because the apples are roasted, not boiled. You will need apples, honey, olive oil and salt for this apple sauce recipe.

Chicken Nachos Recipe
This chicken nachos recipe is made with rotisserie chicken breast. Whether you're looking for a filling appetizer or a quick and easy dinner for kids, you won't be disappointed with this recipe for nachos.

Healthy Recipes for Kids
This collection of healthy recipes for kids includes all sorts of kid-friendly healthy recipes, from healthy breakfast recipes to healthy snack recipes to healthy dinners and even healthy dessert recipes. All of these healthy recipes are designed with kids' palates in mind.

Healthy Recipes for Kids - Healthy Recipes
Healthy recipes for kids are important for proper growth and nutrition. But how do you define healthy? Share your stories here.

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes
These healthy Crockpot recipes will take you from breakfast to dinner. From a healthy slow cooker oatmeal recipes to a super easy and healthy dessert recipe for the slow cooker, these healthy Crockpot recipes will keep you cooking effortlessly all day long.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
High fructose corn syrup manufacturers want to change the name of their product to corn sugar. Is that a good idea? Will it improve the perception...

Jamie Oliver Wants a Food Revolution - What Changes Do You Want?
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is designed to change the way America eats. Will it work? What would it take to launch a Jamie Oliver-style Food Revolution in your house? See submissions

Juice vs. Smoothies - Which is Better for You?
In the juice vs smoothies debate, do you wonder which is better for you? This article discusses the benefits of juicing, whole juices and smoothies to help you determine which is healthier for you.

Michelle Obama Anti Obesity Campaign
Michelle Obama, as part of her anti-obesity campaign, called on food manufacturers to reduce the salt, sugar and fat in their products. Is this a good idea?

Recipes with Oatmeal
These recipes with oatmeal show just how versatile oatmeal is. You'll find basic oatmeal recipes for breakfast, plus meatloaf recipes with oatmeal and oatmeal cookies and more dessert recipes using oatmeal.

Smoothie Recipe of the Day E-Course Day 1
Smoothie and juices have become increasingly popular as parents look for ways to get their kids to consumer more fruits and vegetables. This article discusses whether smoothies or juices are healthier, what the advantages are of each and how to incorporate them into your child's diet.

Smoothie Recipe of the Day E-Course Day 3
Learn the basic smoothie recipe for making fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies here.

Smoothie Recipe of the Day Ecourse
This Smoothie Recipe of the Day ecourse will give you great ways to give your kids the vitamins and minerals they need. Get a new smoothie recipe delivered to your email box every day for the next 12 days.

Study Party Recipes
These study party recipes will get you through even the worst night of homework with ease. Whether you're studying with a group for a major exam, or just want some recipe ideas for an evening of homework, these study party recipes are for you.

What is a Smoothie?
This definition of a smoothie shows you how a smoothie differs from juice and milkshakes and why smoothies are healthy when you make them at home.

What is Juicing?
Learn what juicing is and what the purported health benefits of juicing are in this short article.

What is Whole Juice?
Learn what is whole juice (the definition of whole juice), how whole juice is different from all-natural fruit juices and store-bought juices and how whole juice is made.

What Makes Healthy Foods Healthy?
Healthy foods and healthy recipes are all around us, but what makes food healthy? Does it have to be organic? Low carb? Low fat? High fiber? How can you tell which recipes for healthy food are really healthy?

How to Cook with Fresh Herbs
Discover how to cook with fresh herbs with these flavorful and easy recipes. You'll find new ways to use fresh herbs in everything from pesto to flavored butters to pasta, mayonnaise, omelettes and more.

Brain Building Recipes
These brain building recipes feature superfoods like blueberries, walnuts, omega-3 rich salmon and more.

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