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Top Ten Winter Holiday Recipes for Kids to Make

Looking for Something Fun to Do with the Kids? Make These Recipes Together!


When the kids are home for Thanksgiving or winter break, why not get in the kitchen and whip up some holiday recipes together?

These are my ten favorite recipes for kids to make for the holidays.

1. Gingerbread Houses

NordicWare Gingerbread House Bundt Cake Pan

There's no need to bake gingerbread dough from scratch, cut out a template and wait overnight for your assembled house to dry.

These three easy options will give you the gingerbread house of your dreams without all the fuss.


2. Sugar Cookies

Holiday Recipes for Kids - Sugar Cookies
Stephanie Gallagher

They're the classic Christmas cookie -- and for good reason. These sugar cookies are as delicious as they are fun to make and decorate.


3. Magic Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food
Stephanie Gallagher

A two-minute recipe for a nice Christmas Eve snack for Rudolph and his friends. Even the littlest kids can whip this one up in minutes!


4. Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe

Crockpot Hot Chocolate
Stephanie Gallagher

This hot chocolate recipe is so simple, the kids can make it before they go out sledding. Then everyone can come back and enjoy a nice warm up topped with whipped cream!


5. Homemade Marshmallows Recipe

Holiday Recipes for Kids - Marshmallows
Jennifer Boggs/Getty Images

This recipe is a bit more involved than some of the recipes here, but it's oh so rewarding. There is nothing like the taste of a homemade marshmallow, especially in hot chocolate.


6. Rice Crispy Treats Recipe

Rice Crispy Treats
Stephanie Gallagher

Kids love making rice crispy treats, and you will love the fact that this recipe is so easy. Want some ideas for variations on the classic rice crispy treats? Check out this collection of rice crispy treat recipes.

7. Spiced Pecans Recipe

Holiday Recipes for Kids - Spiced Pecans
Stephanie Gallagher
These sweetly-spiced nuts are sold in gourmet stores for $5-$12 per package. When you see how easy it is to make them with the kids, you'll make this holiday recipe all the time. These nuts also make a great gift.

8. Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Stephanie Gallagher
Red velvet cake is a classic dessert for Christmas and New Year's. Let the kids whip up these red velvet cupcakes for your holiday party, and then they can decorate them with sprinkles and colored sugars.

9. Seven Layer Bars Recipe

7 Layer Bars
Stephanie Gallagher
These seven layer bars make great homemade food gifts to give to friends. They're sweet and they keep for several days in an airtight container.

10. Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Stephanie Gallagher
You won't believe how easy it is to make this festive candy. This is another one of those holiday recipes the kids will go crazy for, because well, of course, it's chocolate! And it's ready in a flash.
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