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How to Cook - Kids Cooking Classes, Tips for Cooking with Kids

Kids learn how to cook with these step by step instructions, online cooking classes, and guides to kids cooking classes. This section also includes tips for cooking with kids.
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Fun Cooking Activities for Kids
These cooking activities for kids are a fun way to spend a winter afternoon. From homemade hot chocolate to banana bread, these easy and fun cooking activities are designed with kids in mind.

Basic Rules for Kids Cooking
Kids love cooking, but in order to cook with kids the right way, you have to follow some basic rules.

Boil an Egg
It's easy to learn how to boil an egg perfectly, once you follow these simple steps. Once you learn how to cook hard boiled eggs, you can make deviled eggs, egg salad or just enjoy them plain.

How to Cook with Kids
Cooking with kids can be fun, entertaining and fraught with opportunities to learn. Here are three approaches to make the task rewarding.

How to Decorate a Gingerbread House
Learning how to decorate a gingerbread house is one of the most special holiday activities you can enjoy with kids. These step-by-step directions show you how to decorate a gingerbread house easily.

How to Make a Smoothie
Learning how to make a smoothie is easy with this step by step tutorial. Use the pictures here to discover how to make smoothies you can enjoy all the time. This example is for how to make a strawberry smoothie.

How to Make an Ice Cream Bombe
This step by step tutorial will guide you through making a watermelon ice cream bombe.

How to Make Banana Bread
Learning how to make banana bread is easy with this step-by-step tutorial. Kids will love making banana bread.

How to Make Cheesy Pumpkin Face Tortillas for Halloween Dinner
Step by step instructions for making a Halloween dinner recipe of cheesy pumpkin face tortillas.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Discover how to make chocolate-covered strawberries with this easy-to-use step-by-step tutorial. Kids love making chocolate covered strawberries, and with these easy directions, they can do it all by themselves.

How to Make Fried Chicken
Fried chicken is easy to make if you follow these simple steps. The key to juicy fried chicken is a long soak in buttermilk, followed by a dip in flour and a rest. As long as you have the right temperature for the oil, it is easy to make this fried chicken recipe.

How to Make Lemonade
Homemade lemonade tastes far better than bottled, frozen or powdered lemonade. With these step by step instructions, you can easily learn how to make lemonade.

Fun and Easy Kids Recipes
These kids recipes include fun and easy recipes for breakfast through dinner. Even picky eaters will enjoy these healthy breakfast recipes, fun kids snack recipes and easy kids dinner recipes.

How to Make Pancakes
Pancakes are kids' favorite breakfast food. These tips on how to make pancakes will have you whipping up perfect pancakes every time.

How to Make Poached Eggs
This is an easy method for learning how to make poached eggs.

How to Make Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders
Instructions for making pretzel crusted chicken tenders, a real kid-friendly dinner recipe.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution May Be the Biggest
This Jamie Oliver Food Revolution may look like a mere reality TV show. But Jamie Oliver's intent is a true food revolution in the way we eat, cook and enjoy food.

Knife Skills for Kids
When is a child ready to learn to use a knife? What kitchen tools can he use safely instead of a knife? Those questions and more are answered in this article.

Make a Smoothie
Once you learn how to make a smoothie with this easy recipe, you'll be able to make fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies of all kinds.

Three Easy Ways to Make a Gingerbread House
Want to know how to make a gingerbread house the easy way? These three tools and techniques will have you decorating your own gingerbread house in no time.

Tips for Baking Muffins
Perfect muffins are easy if you follow these quick tips.

Tips for Grilling Burgers
These tips for grilling burgers will have you enjoying moist and juicy burgers every time.

Top Ten Reasons to Get Kids Cooking
There are many benefits to cooking with kids. When kids cook, they learn everything from reading skills to chemistry.

What to Do with Leftovers
Leftovers are a time-saving, money-saving way to feed your family. These leftover recipes and tips help you put those leftovers to good use.

Kids Recipes for Little Cooks
Kids recipes should be easy for kids to make with minimal help from adults. These easy recipes for kids are. If you want to get your kids cooking, these recipes for kids are perfect. This collection of easy kids recipes includes kids recipes for breakfast, easy kids snack recipes and kids recipes for dinner.

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe
This hot chocolate mix recipe is a fun and easy way for kids to get started in the kitchen. This homemade hot chocolate mix recipe requires no baking or cooking. Just mix the ingredients and layer them in a jar. This hot chocolate mix recipe makes a great gift in a jar for the holidays.

How to Make Whipped Cream
It's easy to make homemade whipped cream. These step-by-step directions and pictures show you how.

How to Make Whipped Cream
Kids will love learning how to make whipped cream with this easy recipe. Once you make homemade whipped cream, you'll never go back to the canned whipped cream again.

Kids Cooking Videos
These cooking videos are for both kids who want to learn how to cook and parents who are cooking for kids. These online cooking videos are short. And all of these video recipes are designed with kids' tastes in mind.

10 Flavored Butter Recipes
Flavored butter or "compound butter" is a super quick and easy way to spruce up everything from steak to grilled chicken breasts to corn on the cob. These easy flavored butter recipes are perfect for kids.

Recipes for Teens
With these easy recipes, teens can learn to cook for themselves in no time. From microwave chili dogs to beef quesadillas to Oreo milkshakes, these are the foods teenagers like to eat and cook.

Microwave Recipes
From easy microwave dinners that take less than 15 minutes from start to finish to microwave snacks, like nachos to microwave desserts, like chocolate covered strawberries and 5-minute mug cake, these recipes are the perfect way to teach kids to cook.

How to Cook Eggs Every Way
Learn how to cook eggs in all sorts of ways. From hard-boiled eggs to scrambled eggs to breakfast frittatas and omelettes, everything you need to know about cooking eggs is right here.

10-Minute Crockpot Recipes
If you are just learning to cook, these 10 minute Crockpot recipes are perfect for you. They cook slowly but take only minutes of active prep time to make.

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