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How to Cook Eggs Every Way

From Scrambled Eggs to Hard Boiled Eggs to Everything in Between


All you need are eggs in your refrigerator and these easy, step-by-step recipes, and you've got a meal. But the best part is once you master these basic ways to cook eggs, you can vary them hundreds of different ways. Add sauteed vegetables or chopped cooked ham to your scrambled eggs, for example. Add crab meat or ranch dressing to your deviled eggs. Or try making a frittata with everything from spinach to hash browns to leftover spaghetti.

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods you can cook. Plus, they're high in protein and can be high in omega-3 fatty acids (look at the label). And they take practically no time to cook.

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How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs
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The basic hard boiled egg is the basis for everything from deviled eggs to egg salad. This is the perfect method for making hard boiled eggs, ensuring the yolk is perfectly cooked, but never with a green ring around it. Enjoy hard boiled eggs in these recipes:
  • Simple Egg Salad Recipe - This basic egg salad sandwich makes a terrific, inexpensive, high-protein lunch.
  • Best Potato Salad Recipe - Hard boiled eggs make a terrific addition to potato salad. This recipe includes bacon, celery and red onion, too in a sweet and tangy mayonnaise-based dressing.
  • Coloring Easter Eggs - Once you know how to make hard boiled eggs, you can dye them for Easter using these easy directions.

Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in a Basket
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There are more names for this dish than there are Kardashian sisters. Kids love it when you make this recipe with different cookie cutters - a circle is most common (use a biscuit cutter or the bottom of a glass), but you can also use large hearts, jack-o-lanterns, really anything).

How to Make Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs
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The best scrambled eggs are soft and fluffy. The key is not to overcook the eggs. Here's how to make them perfectly, plus a few recipes for scrambled eggs:
  • Perfect Scrambled Eggs Video Recipe - See how to make scrambled eggs the easy way in this step-by-step video.
  • Scrambled Egg Variations - From the basic cheese and bacon to spinach and feta to Mexican scrambled eggs, the recipes are all right here.
  • Scrambled Eggs in a Cup - This dish looks fancy, but it's actually quite easy to make. Scrambled eggs are served in wonton wrapper cups (just press into a muffin tin and bake), then topped with bacon. Yum!

Breakfast Frittata Recipe

Breakfast Frittata Recipe
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A frittata is basically an omelette that you bake in the oven. And like an omelette, you can vary a frittata lots of different ways with all sorts of fillings, from hash brown potatoes to sauteed vegetables to cooked meats and cheeses. The nice thing about frittatas is that you don't have to cook them to order. So if you're making breakfast for the whole family, you can pop a frittata in the oven, and it will come out hot and ready for everyone to eat at the same time.

Check out these frittata recipes, too:

  • Sausage Potato Frittata - Turkey sausage, hash browns with onions and peppers and cheese make this frittata a hearty one-dish meal, worthy of serving for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Hash Brown Frittata Recipe - This is another filling frittata recipe, made with hash browns, cheese, peppers, onions and bacon.
  • Mini Frittatas - These adorable frittatas are made in a mini muffin tin. Little kids, especially, like these bite-sized breakfast and lunch treats.

How to Make Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs
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Poached eggs seem like a lot of work, but once you master a few simple tricks, you will find they are actually quite easy to make. The secret is adding just a touch of vinegar to the water to help the egg whites coagulate. Here are some recipes to make with poached eggs:
  • Eggs Benedict - This is the classic breakfast using poached eggs. Don't let the gourmet name fool you - my kids love this dish, and so will yours.
  • Curly Endive Salad with Poached Egg - This is a classic French bistro dish, and it's delicious. If the kids aren't fans of frisee or endive, try making this with butter lettuce. It will be just as delicious.

How to Make Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs
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Baked eggs, also sometimes called shirred eggs, are simple to make. This version uses grated parmesan cheese, but feel free to leave it out, if you prefer. The cooking time for baked eggs can vary dramatically, depending on the size and shape of your ramekins. Be sure to keep a close eye on the eggs as they're baking. Here are some more baked eggs recipes:

How to Make an Omelette

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Once you master the basic method for making an omelette, you can vary it countless ways with different fillings (as long as the filling is already cooked). Try this recipe with sauteed vegetables, different cheeses, cooked bacon, chopped ham, roast turkey or even chopped herbs. Here are a few tasty omelette recipes:

How to Make Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs
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Once you learn how to make hard boiled eggs, it's only a short step to making the best deviled eggs you'll ever taste. And there's no reason you should save deviled eggs for holidays and special occasions. They make a great, high-protein snack or appetizer for every day, too. Check out these recipes:
  • Deviled Eggs Recipe - This is my classic, go-to recipe for deviled eggs. It has just the right retro flavor that will remind you of the deviled eggs your mom used to make.
  • Bacon Deviled Eggs - You know bacon and eggs are a great combo. Why not try them together in deviled eggs? Oh yeah - such a good idea!
  • Crab Deviled Eggs - Rich and luscious, these deviled eggs are a must-try for fans of crab. The seasoning is the best part.

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