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Quick and Easy Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Dessert and More


These easy recipes will take you from breakfast to dessert. You'll find easy dinner recipes, Crockpot recipes, make ahead meals, easy snacks for kids, cake mix recipes, and more quick and easy recipes for all occasions.
  1. Easy Breakfast Recipes
  2. Easy Lunch Recipes
  3. Easy Dinner Recipes
  4. Breads and Muffins
  5. Side Dishes
  1. Salads
  2. Soup Recipes
  3. Easy Kids Snacks
  4. Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy Breakfast Recipes

breakfast sandwiches

What could be better than having a good breakfast every day? With these easy breakfast recipes, you can start every day off right.

Easy Lunch Recipes

apple cheese sandwiches with honey and walnuts

These easy lunch recipes are fast, healthy, and most of all, delicious!

Easy Dinner Recipes

Roast Beef Stromboli

Easy dinner recipes like hot dog quesadillas and quiche lorraine take little work to prepare. From bacon cheeseburgers to beef and broccoli, there are easy dinner recipes here to suit everyone.

Breads and Muffins

bread and muffin recipes

From quick breads to yeast breads, scones, muffins, bread machine recipes and more, you'll find loads of fun, easy homemade bread recipes right here.

Side Dishes

Fresh Green Beans with Browned Butter

These side dish recipes are easy to make and kid-friendly, too.


Broccoli Salad Recipe

Salads here include everything from a basic green kids salad to broccoli salad to Watergate salad. All of these salad recipes are easy and designed to appeal to kids.

Soup Recipes

tomato soup

Soul-warming and satisfying, these soup recipes are tasty and easy to prepare. And just about all of these soups can be made in advance and frozen.

Easy Kids Snacks

Caramel Popcorn

These easy snacks for kids hit the spot, especially in the late afternoon when you really need some energy to carry you through until dinner.

Easy Dessert Recipes

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies

From cookies to cakes, pies and more, these easy dessert recipes will please everyone at the table.

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