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Fit and Fresh Lunch Container Makes It Easy to Send Healthy Lunches to School

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fit fresh lunch container

Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Container

Fit & Fresh

The Bottom Line

The Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go container set is a well-designed way for kids to be able to carry three or more separate lunch items in individual containers that fit together in a compact way. Everything stays cold. And the lunch container fits into a kid's lunch box easily.
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  • Easy to store separate items in individual compartments and still keep them cold.
  • Roomy enough to carry four or more lunch items, yet still compact.
  • Easy for kids to open the containers themselves.
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher-safe.
  • Eco-friendly -- no need to use disposable plastic bags.


  • May be too big to fit into a kids' lunch boxes with a drink, too.


  • A compact lunch container set that features three separate compartments for individual lunch items.
  • Removable ice pack keeps food cold.
  • The lunch container set is easy to clean, dishwasher-safe.

Guide Review - Fit and Fresh Lunch Container Makes It Easy to Send Healthy Lunches to School

Lunches from home are almost always healthier than pre-packaged lunch meals or school lunches. I like the Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go container set, because it makes it easy for kids to bring a healthy lunch to school.

The clever design keeps foods separate, yet cold. So kids can bring fruit dip in one container, fresh fruit in another, and a sandwich in the large container. There's even room for a chocolate brownie or a few chocolate chip cookies to fit next the sandwich in the same container.

My kids especially like to take cheese and crackers in the small containers, because the crackers don't get crushed. Other nice things you can pack include:

This lunch container will fit easily into most kids' lunch boxes. But there may not be room for a drink in the lunch box, too. You can, however, fit a juice box in one of the compartments of the Fit & Fresh lunch container.

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