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Labor Day Recipes


These Labor Day recipes include everything you need for your Labor Day picnic. You'll find recipes for burgers, chicken, salads and more Labor Day recipes here.
  1. Labor Day Recipes - Appetizers
  2. Labor Day Recipes - Main Course
  3. Labor Day Recipes - Salads and Sides
  4. Labor Day Recipes - Desserts

Labor Day Recipes - Appetizers

Ranch Deviled Eggs

Start your Labor Day picnic off right with these tasty appetizers. These Labor Day recipes include family favorite appetizers, like deviled eggs and seven layer dip.

Labor Day Recipes - Main Course

Fried Chicken

What Labor Day picnic would be complete without recipes for the best burgers, fried chicken and more main courses? These Labor Day recipes will please everyone at your Labor Day picnic or BBQ.

Labor Day Recipes - Salads and Sides

Broccoli Salad

Sometimes the best Labor Day recipes are the sides and salads. Whether you want a simple potato salad recipe or a killer broccoli salad that will wow your family and friends, these Labor Day salad recipes will fit the bill.

Labor Day Recipes - Desserts

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

These Labor Day dessert recipes include quick and easy frozen desserts and ice cream recipes, pie recipes, recipes for brownies and cookies and more.

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