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Food to Serve at an Academy Awards Party

Fun Foods for Kids Hollywood Theme Party


This Oscar party menu is perfect for an Academy Awards party for kids or a kids' Hollywood theme birthday party. The food is fun and easy to make. It's sure to get your party-goers into the black tie spirit!

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Red Carpet Rollups - Bologna and Cheese Rollups

bologna and cheese rollups
Stephanie Gallagher

What better way to get the party started than with these simple "Red Carpet" rollups? They're a great finger food, and they take only minutes to prepare.


Bacon Deviled Eggs Recipe

Bacon Deviled Eggs
Commanding Artists/Getty Images

There's never a bad time to serve deviled eggs, and this recipe kicks it up a notch with the addition of bacon. These bite-sized appetizers are just the thing to make your Oscar party-goers feel special.


Pesto Pizza Recipe

Pesto Pizza
Stephanie Gallagher

If Wolfgang Puck can put pizza on his Oscar party menu, why can't you? This pestp pizza is a bit more kid-friendly than the smoked salmon and caviar pizzas Puck serves, but it will still put your guests in the Academy Awards party mood.


Cheese Popcorn Recipe

Cheese Popcorn
Tom Grill/Getty Images
Real cheddar cheese gives this cheese popcorn recipe incredible flavor. Make sure you grate the cheese finely, so it coats each piece of popcorn well. This is a great snack recipe for an Oscar party.

Chocolate Strawberries Recipe

Chocolate Strawberries
Stephanie Gallagher

So glam. So tasty. Chocolate-covered strawberries deserve a place on every Oscar party menu.


Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Chocolate Popcorn
Stephanie Gallagher
This chocolate popcorn recipe has it all: It's sweet, it's crunchy and it's a perfect way to dress up your popcorn for a special movie night treat.

Cream Cheese Brownies Recipe

Cream Cheese Brownies
Stephanie Gallagher

Part cheesecake and part brownie, these black and white brownies are chewy and sweet and make a terrific dessert recipe for an Oscar party.

Tuxedo Brownie Cookies

Tuxedo Brownie Hugs Cookies
Stephanie Gallagher

A brownie mix makes these cookies a snap to prepare. Black and white Hershey's "hugs" make them a winner with kids. And the tuxedo colors make for a festive Oscar party treat.


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