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Fruits and Vegetables Quiz for Picky Eaters


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Fruits and Vegetables Quiz for Kids
Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables are essential for kids' nutrition. But it's no secret that many kids are picky eaters, and fruits and vegetables aren't their first choice of favorite foods. One way to encourage kids who are picky eaters to eat fruits and vegetables is by serving them often. It's also important for kids to see you eating fruits and vegetables. When kids see you modeling good eating habits, they will eventually adopt those same eating habits.

In fact, the very act of being exposed to fruits and vegetables frequently can make kids willing to eat them. In the case of fruits and vegetables, familiarity breeds enjoyment.

How often do your kids get exposed to fruits and vegetables? Take this quiz with them to see how many fruits and vegetables they can identify. Remember, just being able to identify fruits and vegetables is the first step in eating them -- for kids and adults.

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