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Fruits and Vegetables Quiz for Picky Eaters


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Fruits and Vegetables Quiz for Kids
Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup

Stephanie Gallagher
If you guessed carrots, you are right! Carrots are sweet and taste great raw or cooked. You can bake carrots, roast carrots, saute carrots, steam carrots, stir-fry carrots, well, you get the idea. You can even bake carrots in a cake! Here are some of my favorite recipes using carrots:
  • Carrot Soup Recipe - Smooth and creamy, this carrot soup is always popular with kids.

  • Carrot Salad - This simple salad recipe pairs shredded carrots with shredded apples in a light and refreshing salad that goes with everything.

  • Carrot Bars - These carrot bars are topped with an orange juice glaze that really brings out the carrot flavor.

  • Carrot Souffle Recipe - This carrot souffle recipe is popular for holidays and parties. Sweet enough to be a dessert, this carrot souffle is topped with a crunchy brown sugar and pecan topping.

  • Carrot Cake - This isn't exactly a health food recipe, but it is a wonderfully moist cake. Enjoy!

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