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Party Mix Recipes

Snack Mix Recipes for Parties, After School or Any Time


Party Mix Recipe

Party Mix Recipe

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Is there ever a bad time for a party mix? I think not. And the nice thing about these recipes is they can be made in advance and stored in an airtight container for up to one week (but don't expect them to last that long).
  • Sweet and Spicy Party Mix Recipe - This is a classic party mix, made with cereal, Goldfish crackers and pretzels then tossed with a brown sugar and chili powder enhanced butter mixture.

  • Puppy Chow Recipe - Don't let the name fool you. This is definitely not dog food. The moniker comes from the fact that this snack mix looks like dry dog food, but it tastes sweet and crunchy. Cereal is coated with a mixture of melted chocolate and peanut butter then tossed in powdered sugar. This sweet party mix makes a perfect snack for sleepover parties, movie-watching or football parties.

  • Chex Party Mix Recipe for the Crockpot - The nice thing about this recipe is that you can make it entirely in the slow cooker. It's a savory blend of two kinds of Chex cereals, cheese crackers and peanuts in a savory garlic and onion flavored butter. This is one of those party mixes you will find you can't stop munching on.

  • Valentine Popcorn Snack Mix Recipe - You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to enjoy this snack mix, made with caramel corn, sweetened dried cherries, miniature marshmallows and chocolate and vanilla chips. If this party mix is too sweet for you, try making it with regular popcorn instead of caramel corn.

  • Caramel Corn and Craisins Snack Mix Recipe - Chocolate chips, sweetened dried cranberries and roasted peanuts liven up caramel corn in this sweet and crunchy snack mix recipe that is as perfect for an after school snack as it is for a movie-watching party.

  • Chocolate Chex Mix Recipe - Chex cereal, peanuts and pretzels are tossed with a buttery chocolate mixture that will please both chocolate lovers and snack lovers alike. This snack mix is sweet, but not overly so.

  • Ghostly Halloween Snack Mix - This party mix gets its name from its snowy white color, but it tastes terrific any time of the year. Crunchy cereal, cheese crackers, peanuts and marshmallows are tossed in a melted butter and peanut butter mixture, then mixed with powdered sugar in this rich, addictive recipe. I dare you to stop at just one handful.

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