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Readers Respond: How Do You Make Sure Your Kids Eat Enough, But Not Too Much?

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Healthy eating has always been important for kids. But with child obesity skyrocketing, the country is positively obsessed with healthy eating and diets for kids. How do you make sure your kids eat enough but not too much?

Breakfast Eaters

My trouble was getting my stepson to eat breakfast. He loathed it and no amount of coaxing worked. When he was about 14 he became increasingly worried that he was not growing as fast as his friends. Without putting too much emphasis on it, I casually mentioned in passing that it was a well-known fact that eating a good breakfast helped growing bones. He never missed breakfast again and is now over 6 foot tall and loves breakfast. Sometimes little tiny, tiny white lies are worth it, though there is also some truth in what I said. I have confessed to him what I did and he laughs about it.
—Guest ElaineLemm

Either Or With Treats

Like all parents, I struggle to make sure my kids eat from all the basic food groups, and to keep an eye on how much they're eating. If they ask for a snack, I try and make a quick judgment on whether they're actually hungry, or simply bored, or in some cases, thirsty! When it comes to dessert and/or treats, we have an agreement: if you have, say, a fancy drink with cream at Starbucks, then it's the equivalent of that day's dessert. If they have a piece of cake at a birthday party, that's the day's sweet treat. Most days, there isn't dessert as such, but there's always a bowl of fruit. Soda is very limited -- once a week at most, and the smallest possible size. The girls get to share a 12-ounce can, and pack the glass with ice. Finally, we don't eat two big meals in a day. Dinner is usually the main meal, but if we eat a full meal at lunch, then dinner becomes a sandwich.
—Guest mamalama1

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