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Readers Respond: How Do You Make Vegetables Taste Good to Kids

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From the article: Kid-Friendly Vegetables
One of the reasons kids resist eating vegetables is that they just don't taste good. It sounds obvious, but there are lots of different ways to prepare vegetables to make them taste better.

For example, roasting brings out the natural sugars in vegetables and often makes them more appealing to kids (try my roasted green beans). Frying makes vegetables like zucchini and Brussels sprouts almost irresistible. And covering with cheese sauce is an age-old tactic used by parents for generations.

What tips and tricks do you have for making vegetables more palatable to kids? Do they work? Share your solutions!

Put them into pasta or risotto

Vegetable sauces for pasta and risotto are almost always popular, especially if they contain tomato. Another option that almost always works is tomato and eggplant -- pasta alla norma or eggplant parmesan.

Try Veggies in a Tagine

In some cuisines, veggies are often incorporated into the main dish, where they can absorb the flavors of sauces and seasoning. Try making a tagine with the kids. My own children have always enjoyed vegetables this way and it's fun eating - everything gets scooped up with bread!
—Guest Christine

Mix Them into Dishes

Salad is always on the dinner table at our house, so we add shredded cabbage and spinach leaves, as well as veggies before tossing. I also like to add a bit of spinach or shredded carrots to spaghetti sauce and lasagna. Mixed in, the kids don't realize they are eating the same veggies they complain about when steamed and served by themselves.
—Guest Lisa

Definately Cheese Sauce

For all ages, cheese sauce is king. If calories are a big deal, a teaspoon of butter on steamed vegetables goes a long way.
—Guest Jen

Raw or Roasted

My kids prefer their vegetables raw, usually with a dip of some kind, but they've recently acquired a taste for some roasted vegetables, as they lend a nutty, sweet taste to them. They're still suspicious of some vegetables, but I figure they'll move on to those at some point in their lives, just as many of us do.
—Guest mamalama1

Baby veggies!

I use baby vegetables! Baby carrots, baby pattypan squash and little veggies like sugar snap peas are great with any dip made with yogurt. I myself used to hate Brussels sprouts until I roasted them until they're dark brown. They then get crisp and kind of salty. Some kids will eat them!
—Guest Linda

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